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August 11th, 2020

$9 Rowing Classes at Crew Fitness

Stay a toned arm's length apart with new safety protocols in place at Crew Fitness in the Heights, where today's Treat gets you $9 classes.


Crew Fitness
715 West 22nd St.

The buttons on your high-waisted shorts have started to socially distance from each other. 

Kick that quarantine 15 to the curb at Crew Fitness in the Heights (see the deal below). At the sleek indoor rowing studio, housed in a charming bungalow, expect heart-pumping, 45-minute classes to send you to sweat mode at any fitness level. Every low impact, high intensity, total body burn class inches you forward in toning your arms, quads and core. With today's Treat, get 5 classes for just $48 ($130 value). Classes are limited to just 10 students to allow for 8 feet between the state-of-the-art rowing machines. 

It's time to squeeze in some sessions. 

Buy up to 2 vouchers per person. Classes expire 90 days from purchase.

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