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June 2nd, 2020

Meet The Chef

Learn to spiral vegetables without a spiralizer, and get other healthy cooking hacks, at the Live Stream Tidbits Summer Picnic Cooking Class.

Want some healthy cooking hacks? Join the Live Stream Tidbits Summer Cooking Class with local health and fitness guru, Erin Stewart. We asked Erin what to expect in our Cook From Your Own Kitchen class next week. 

You're a natural foods chef. Tell us about the health benefits of the menu (below) at our live stream Tidbits class.
We will be working with all cooling ingredients! Not necessarily 'cold' food, but ingredients that promote 'cooling' benefits. Summer produce at their peak paired with herbs and spices that help calm body temperature from the inside out to keep you picnicking this season. 

A hack you'll teach in the class.
How to 'spiral' vegetables if you don't have a spiralizer. 

Best wines for an at-home summer picnic on a hot day.
June's sparkling rose or a good French Chablis.

How you start your day... 
Water with lemon. Then coffee. Lots of coffee. :)

Favorite cooking series.
Jennifer Garner's #PretendCookingShow on IG and Chef's Table on Netflix. 

Favorite cookbooks.
Anything by Ottolenghi.

Go-to knives?
Love a good Japanese Shun Classic

How do you work out if you're not teaching a DEFINE class?
Typically running my boys around the neighborhood or dancing around my kitchen. 

Things you use to set a table when entertaining.
Fresh herbs. 

Any secret low brow snack foods?
Cookie dough. 

Tidbits Two-Course Summer Picnic Cooking Class
July 15 | 5 p.m. (Be sure to choose the Tidbits class)

Texas Panzanella with Peaches + Sourdough 
Zucchini Pasta with Sun-dried Tomato + Basil

As a bonus, you'll leave with Erin's recipe for Chilled Avocado Pudding with Blueberries + Cacao.

The cost of the live stream class does not include ingredients.

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